Brownells inc. Retro Rifle Production


     Amidst merging companies, continuous weddings, and tight deadlines, we shot the Brownells inc. retro rifle release videos. To date, this was our largest production piece and only one of us was available to direct and shoot the film. The guidelines and vision for the direction of the video was kept heavily guarded by the Brownells crew, all we were told was what we needs, when the video needed to be shot, and how tight the deadline was.

     FIRST, we needed old vehicles for our shoot. In comes Coles Classic Cars to the rescue. They were not cheap by any means, but they were awesome to work with and we were able to get everything we needed and more using them. The 1969-1973 era muscle cars were immaculate and exactly what was needed for the film. 

     SECOND, we needed to encapsulate the early 70's theme. This meant dialing back out techniques and throwing most of our process and cinematic standards out the window. It is tough trying to shoot a style different then your own, but it also pushes you farther than you could imagine. We even had our videos featured on the Chive!

The ending to that video still cracks me up. 

     THIRD, this project showed us that our limits can be pushed. We like to sit in our comfort zone, am I right? It's all to common for people not not get outside of their little box. With this project, we really got to stretch out legs and go back to basics. It's not all about keeping the same cinematic feel, it's about getting what the client wants and needs. The overwhelming feed back from fans of Brownells was so welcoming. This has been one of our most stressful projects to date. We began prep at the end of November, began shooting Dec 20-22, and pushed through editing to meet their deadline of January 10th. TALK ABOUT A CRUNCH!

     From start to finish this project was the most expensive to shoot by far. We flew in 4 internet personalities, rented 3 retro muscle cars, spent 2 days on location, and over a week locked in the studio editing from sunrise to sunset. In the end, it was one of the most rewarding videos we have worked on to date. We hope you enjoyed the read! Let us know what you think in the comments below!